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Construction Document Reproduction

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Engineering Printer & Ink Jet Plotter Paper Supplies

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A digital workflow brings with it the great advantage of efficient operations. 

While this is beneficial in many arenas, the problem of interaction with older data is ever-present.  

That backroom of your office containing stacks of past project drawings can be eliminated by archiving the documents into a file format matched to your office applications. 



When it comes time to present your work or to preserve it, SDI provides several finishing options to accomplish your goal.
Lamination in sizes up to 60 inches wide can protect your images from damage, fingerprints, and other environmental factors for years to come.
In conjunction with lamination, your images can be affixed to a substrate made specifically for your application providing rigidity and display ability.
SDI has designed numerous indoor and outdoor solutions to meet the needs of our customers.


Construction document reproduction is how we built our business. Working from your hardcopy or electronic files, we are equipped to provide reproduction services on many levels. 

Just need a print or two? You're covered! 

Need enough sets to supply an entire project team? We have the equipment to get this done efficiently.  



Full color inkjet display printing offers a wide range of possibilities and applications. 

From basic indoor paper signage and outdoor scrim vinyl to elaborate backlit presentations, SDI can help you capture your audience’s attention! 

Whether you have a product or service going to market, or are looking for a starting point to launch promotions, SDI can assist with design services, ranging from newsletter layouts to eye catching trade show displays.


Construction drawings printed in full color! 

No more gray scale or half tones. 

Your plans were created using different color lines to highlight certain areas of each drawing. The clarity and ease of understanding you see on your computer screen can be had on your printed construction drawings. This will reduce the potential for mistakes in the field. 



SDI has shelves of paper ready to be delivered to your office. 


The most common papers and sizes are in stock. 


Roll stock for your Inkjet plotters and 3” core roll stock for your Engineering printers. 


Various paper types, even some hard to find stocks such as Vellum and Mylar.