With StandardSHARE and through our operations at Standard Digital Imaging, our team members receive inquiries regarding nuances of the construction industry. Often we are asked basic how-to questions centered around bidding all the way through to more complex issues regarding bonding, insurance, and lending. With the Blue Line University, we are bringing about the opportunity to educate, inform, and promote. BLU is established to assist everyone in the construction industry with a library of knowledge built in large part by those with real world experiences - you and your peers.
We are looking for industry professionals to provide real word feedback and education. Your responses will be gathered and presented in the BLU classroom. This is an opportunity to educate as well as promote your company and its services. In return for taking a moment to provide a little feedback, BLU will list you as a contributing professor as well as feature your name and company logo next to your feedback when presented in the BLU classroom.
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  • If you would rather ask a question anonymously - no problem, simply leave the contact information blank.

  • Laying the Foundation

  • I value your opinion, your experience, and above all - your expertise. We are building an ever expanding resource for those entering the construction industry while at the same time providing educated ideas & operational confirmation for all.  Please consider offering a few words of guidance. Thank you.   

    Bill Frasier - StandardSHARE Director / SDI Operations Manager
  • If you would rather answer a question anonymously - no problem, simply leave the contact information blank.