Large Format Monochrome Printing

Working from hardcopy originals or electronic files, Standard Digital Imaging can reproduce your documents with unmatched speed and quality.

The 600 DPI high definition printing equipment placed within our Service Bureaus provide “original” quality reproductions opposed to just another copy. 

Armed with the most advanced scanners our operators will provide an exceptional quality print. To truly unleash the 256 levels of halftones, producing from your PDF, TIFF, PLT, DWF or other electronic raster format is the preferred method.

Your document or set of documents up to 36 inches wide may be reproduced in any quantity to meet the needs of your application or distribution requirements.

  • High Definition Printing
  • 256 Greyscale Levels
  • Full digital production - each print is an original not a copy

Large Format Color Printing, Display Printing & Design

Full color Inkjet display printing offers a wide range of possibilities and applications. From basic indoor paper signage to outdoorscrim vinyl to elaborate backlit presentations, SDI can help you capture your audience’s attention! Ink Jet prints can be produced up to 54 inches wide by any reasonable length. Do you have a specific Pantone color to match? Ink Jet printing is the choice to go with.

Do you have a product or service to market? Are you looking for a starting point to help lauch promotions. Standard Digital Imaging can assist.

SDI can provide design services ranging from newsletter layouts to eye catching trade show displays.

  • Banners
  • Point of Purchase Displays
  • Trade Show Booths
  • Newsletters
  • Sales Flyers
  • Business Cards
  • Announcement Signage
  • Informational Displays
  • Presentation Graphics
  • The list is endless.......


Small Format Printing

Much like its large format counterpart, the realm of small format production is best utilized by submission of your electronic file. All major office applications are supported at Standard Digital Imaging.

Complete electronic file submission often is not possible due to the nature of the specification writing process. Regularly several departments are collaborating on the same project and simply may not have compatible tools or methods.  Acceptance of a multiple original types is readily handled.

Regardless if SDI receives complete electronic files, hardcopy originals or a grouping of both, the specification sections are always subject to Table of Contents verification to identify any missing sections prior to production, just one part of the QA standards at SDI.

Specification books, Training Manuals, Annual Reports or any 11 x 17 and smaller document may be mass produced quickly and finished for a professional appearance.

  • Rapid Production
  • High Definition
  • Full Color or Monochrome
  • Most major file types accepted
  • Quality Assurances


Scanning & Archival

The digital world upon us today brings with it advancements in operations enabling a more efficient work flow. Whi
le this isbeneficial in many arenas, the problem of interaction with “older” data is ever present.

Standard Digital Imaging can provide scanning services to remedy this situation.

That back room of your office containing stacks of past project drawings can be eliminated by scanning / archiving the documents into a file format matched to your office applications. Simple PDF raster scanning, an extensive indexed OCR database, or vector DWG files are all offered providing a solution that will fit your needs.   

  • Monochrome or Full Color
  • Clear Indexing
  • Searchable Database
  • High Resolution Scanning

Mounting & Lamination

When it comes time to present your work or to preserve it, Standard Digital Imaging provides several finishing options to accomplish your goal.

Lamination in sizes up to 60 inches wide can protect your images from damage, fingerprints, and other environmental factors for years to come.

In conjunction with lamination, your images can be affixed to a substrate made specifically for your application providing rigidity and display ability.

SDI has designed numerous indoor and outdoor solutions to meet the needs of your application.

  • Indoor / Outdoor Finishing Solutions
  • Durable Lamination
  • Large Image Mounting - Up to 60" x 120"