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Setting the STANDARD in Reprographics since 1919

Established in the early 1900’s, Standard Blueprint began in a small storefront located in downtown Omaha, Nebraska. We were known for years as StandardBlue.

Standard Blueprint was responsible for introducing to the marketplace the revolutionary Diazo process, more commonly known as “blueprinting” and worked with many of what are known as today as Fortune 500 companies.

We experience a sense of accomplishment and a lot of history whenever a "Linen Cloth" original from those early years is brought in for reproduction or scanning for preservation, especially when the name Standard Blueprint in its distinctive font, is displayed on that print.

The mid-1990’s were a transformative time in this printing industry and the days of the ammonia-based diazo machines were drawing to a close. The emerging advancements of digital reproduction were identified by management of StandardBlue and by the end of the decade, the Diazo model was replaced with a complete digital solution. StandardBlue then became known as Standard Digital Imaging.

The history and commitment to providing unequaled technology and customer service is the driving force that elevates Standard Digital Imaging to the forefront of present-day reprographic industry.

Standard Digital Imaging continues to focus on industry advancements and the developing technologies in the reprographic industry to deliver to you, our customer, the best in quality. Whether your project is detailed large or small format construction drawings, high-quality full color renderings, posters for any occasion or reproducing personal keepsakes, Standard Digital Imaging has the technology to deliver unparalleled quality.

We then began our development of a Bid Management online tool. We listened to our customers and incorporated their needs into what is known as StandardShare, an online project management/distribution Plan Room. StandardShare provides exposure of construction projects that boosts the advertisement to bid by delivering clear communication to all stakeholders. We invite you to visit our Plan Room to see how we – Standard Digital Imaging – continue to develop our business for you, our customer.