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Payment Options:

We utilize the convenience of the PayPal payment processing system to provide ultimate control of all charging to your credit card. Through PayPal, our users may stop and start their subscriptions whenever they like. 

Because there is no time limit on any of our subscriptions, our users may elect to only purchase one month or continue with their subscription for as long as they want. The control is in your hands. 

Alternatively, if PayPal is not an option due to any of our client's internal policies, we offer standard payment options through our customer service representatives by calling 402-592-1292 or emailing support@standarddigital.com

Can I download the drawings & specs with the Project PREVIEW package?

The Project PREVIEW package has been created to provide our users the ability to review project content without making the commitment of purchasing digital downloads or hard copy prints. Each project page will have the option to purchase that projects’ downloadable content. Our users may elect to enroll in The BlueLINE Club that provides unlimited access to every project and their corresponding downloadable content.

Is the presented pricing a one time cost or a monthly charge?

Enrollment with the ProjectPREVIEW package or The BlueLINE Club is a reoccurring billable charge. Depending on the selection, the billing process will automatically process upon the renewal date.

Do you offer one-time or single project purchase?

Yes, we do! Each project has a Purchase Now option for the user that does not want to begin a subscription service and simply wants to purchase each project.

If you still have questions, please contact StandardSHARE Customer Support